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You are ...

Willing to be the artist and architect of your amazing life

Wanting happy, healthy, loving relationships

Able to release the past, discover new possibilities, live into a future where you feel juicy and alive

Ready to open your heart towards love again

Desiring more intimacy and connection in your partnership

Excited to become the person you will need to be to attract the life and love you desire

Welcome, I’m glad you’re here.

Are you ready to consciously create the life and love of your deepest dreams and desires?

I’m Eileen Jager, Transformative Relationship Coach and Feng Shui expert. Feng Shui is the art and alchemy of understanding how the energy and feeling in our living spaces affect the quality of our lives.

In working with my Calling In “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling coaching clients, I’ve discovered a beautiful symbiotic relationship with feng shui. Activating specific, intentional shifts in your physical environment is a catalyst for more inspired relationships – with yourself, others, and spirit/divinity/life itself.

There’s an alchemical process at play here, where you create conscious spaces and relationships that reflect your desire ~ and they transform you and and your relationships in the process.

On this journey, you will …


You’ll grow a healthy relationship with your feelings, needs and desires, and more authentic relationships with loved ones and life itself. You’ll cultivate Divine Reciprocity, growing your capacity to love and be loved.


You’ll identify and release old stories, patterns, beliefs, unconscious social and cultural conditioning. You’ll breakthrough limitations, moving through stuckness to flow, de-cluttering your mind-heart-home.


You’ll discover your essence - the True You - and begin to live life from this empowered center. You’ll deepen trust in your wisdom and intuition, generating new perspectives and possibilities for life and love.


You’ll set a clear intention as your North Star, learning to navigate uncertainty and complexity with curiosity in a dance of discovery. You’ll learn how to shift awareness at will, activating from your power center.


You’ll grow into your future as an active co-creator of the life and love you desire. You’ll have the clarity and courage to follow your unique path, to be the ARTIST of your amazing life.


You’ll move through the world as a woman centered in your power, attuned to your desire. Shining your radiance, your joy … passion … purpose … presence … with pleasure.

What My Clients Experience

Elizabeth, Boston, MA - Conscious Uncoupling, Feng Shui, Transformative Coaching Client
Eileen was my vision keeper and midwife. I felt safe to stretch and grow into my highest and best self, to dream bigger and live bolder. She coached me through a difficult divorce then helped me create a beautiful home and has guided me through creating a new business aligned with who I am now. She holds the light for me to do the deep and sometimes messy work of transformation.
Cathy, Vancouver, BC - Calling in “The One”, Feng Shui Coaching Client
With Eileen’s support and guidance I moved my home office out of the bedroom and made it my oasis for love. Initially we worked with self-love and acceptance, no more self abandoning and people-pleasing! I put myself front and center in my own life and - miracle of miracles! - men began to notice me more. I’m no longer invisible, in the dreaded “friend zone.” I’m having fun dating again!
Ingrid, Montague, MA - Feng Shui Coaching Client
As someone whose home is also office, community gathering space, and personal sanctuary, I am interested in whatever brings more beauty and peace into my environment.  Eileen applies her deep wisdom and artistic sensibilities to the ancient practice of Feng Shui.  Taking time to understand my needs and inspirations, she provided simple and practical solutions that enhance my surroundings and create more ease and flow in my life.
Kathy, Seattle, WA - Calling in “The One” and Transformative Coaching Client
Through my work with Eileen I’ve manifested many miracles in my life. I discovered and released old stories and patterns that were holding me back from truly letting my light shine. With her clear, present and compassionate guidance I felt seen and safe to go deep. I feel more alive and my creative juices are flowing! This work has positively impacted my relationships, my career and my health.
Brighid, Chicago, IL - Conscious Uncoupling Coaching Client
Going through the Conscious Uncoupling process with Eileen’s coaching was life changing. I felt her loving presence, care and deep listening as she skillfully and intuitively guided me through the many challenges I faced. She created a safe space for me to heal, learn and grow into a new me that feels empowered, expressive and self-confident. I am grateful for our work together.
Gina, Estonia, EU - Calling in “The One”, Transformative Coaching Client
Eileen helped me work through some sexual hurt from my past marriage. I now feel a deeper appreciation for my body's innate wisdom. She was just the right person to accompany me on this journey to opening my heart towards love again.
Heidi, San Francisco, CA - Conscious Uncoupling
I was in a dark place after a breakup and wanted to be free of the patterns that just seemed to keep repeating with the men in my life. Eileen skillfully guided me through the Conscious Uncoupling process and helped me to see - and take responsibility for - how I created the unhealthy dynamics in my relationships. I learned to be a better communicator and most importantly to get to know myself - my feelings, needs and desires. Today I am a woman alive and at home in myself in ways I never could have imagined. And best of all - my heart is open to new love. Thank you.
Brenda Chicoine, Lead Designer, Design House 413 LLC - Feng Shui Client
Eileen did a Feng-Shui consultation for me at my new build and I have nothing but wonderful things to say about the experience! As another design professional, I can assure you she knows her stuff! I was mesmerized by her knowledge of the practice. She also understands people and was able to pick up on what was important to me without me having to explain it too much. She just got it. The consultation with Eileen was so fascinating that I was practically hanging on her every word! I left the meeting feeling inspired, confident in my design direction and just plain happy with the experience. I will definitely be consulting with her on my next projects. Give her a try, I think you will be as delighted as I was. 

Meet Eileen

Eileen has midwifed the creative process for decades – from the tiniest whisper of an idea, to the fully manifest form. It’s a journey revealed through inspiration, perseverance, vision and trust. She brings these years of experience to support you to become The Creator of the life and love of your deepest dreams and desires.

She is dedicated to creating vibrant, aligned environments that energize all aspects of life. If you experienced yourself as woman in the fullness of your power how would you design your surroundings to support abundance, love, career, radiant health?

Weaving Transformative Coaching skills with her passion for Feng Shui she creates spaces that nourish the fullness of you, living in your greatest gifts, aligned with your desires and souls purpose.

She’s a Dual Credentialed Calling in “The One” and Conscious Uncoupling Coach and a Certified Practitioner of Interior Alignment Feng Shui. She’s a love alchemist and additionally trained in Aura-Soma, SkyDancing Tantra, ISTA and Mama Gena and The School of Womanly Arts.

Eileen is an internationally renown artist specializing in glass mosaic. Glass, light and color have been her passion since an extraordinary experience at Chartres Cathedral in 1979 awakened her to the power of light to illuminate and transform our inner world as well as our outer environment.

Dedicated to creating safe and sacred space for the flourishing of love in your heart and home

You are a multidimensional being made of many moving pieces coming together in the unique expression of you

Beautiful and Brilliant ... Whole and Complete ... in the messy and inspiring work of Creation ...

All of you is welcome here

Bringing beauty and balance to life and love, heart and home

Create Your Space for Love

This gorgeous eBook is filled with all you need to know to create a vibrant space, resonant with energy that inspires you on your journey to love and intimacy. We shine the light on the most important areas to focus on, how to use color and shape, next steps and a bonus! You’ll discover the connection between your outer environment and your inner experience in service to creating spaces that look and feel yumm.
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